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YOUR QUESTIONS • my answers

What session length should I choose?  ?

It all depends on your needs, your budget, and the time you have.


If you find it difficult to relax, I advise you to choose a long duration (1h30).


If you have little time or a limited budget, I also offer short 30-minute sessions, or even 10-minute seated massage sessions, which can be just as profitable!

How often do I have to come to get the benefits?

Again, it's all about need, time and budget.


An occasional massage can be beneficial for your well-being, but renewing it regularly (every month, every 15 days for example) also allows you to cope with chronic physical or psychological stress.


In addition, knowing you better and better, I adapt to each session according to your needs, I explore possibilities to allow you better access to relaxation, and you can specify your needs from time to time, what you want.

Is it better to have a massage in the morning or in the evening? 

There is no absolute rule.


A massage late in the day will allow you to better enjoy your night if this is your problem.


Know that after a massage you can sometimes feel tired, this is due to the release of your accumulated tensions.


So in any case, plan some time for yourself before resuming a demanding activity.


Avoid overeating before the appointment. No alcohol or drugs either before an appointment.

Which service is the most suitable?

It depends on your need  : we discuss it when making an appointment or at the start of the session.


The massages can be deep and seek out tensions, tonic to improve the circulation of fluids, enveloping for mental well-being, muscular for recovery or sports preparation.


Korean relaxation or Thai massage offers  different sensations that allow mental but also physical letting go. The tensions thus released make it possible to resolve chronic situations.

I work and have limited availability, can you receive me? 

I receive you from Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Call me we will always find a slot that suits you or book online on my site.

I only know my availability at the last moment can you receive me  ?

Of course, it depends on the day and my availability is very variable.


I obviously like to know my appointments as soon as possible, but it is possible that I have a moment for you during the day. Do not hesitate to ask.

You can also book online on my website.

Do you receive at home or in a commercial premises?

I receive in a place independent of my home, adjoining a local osteopath and a psychologist, in Rognonas.

Is your wellness area easy to access?

Yes quite.


The GPS leads there without a problem and it is easy to find with a map.


Private parking is available and anyway there is space in the street. 

What means of payment do you accept?

On site I accept cash or checks.


If you don't have either, a cash withdrawal point at Crédit Agricole is available 50 meters away!


On my site you can pre-pay online by Paypal account or credit card.

What should I wear for the session  ?

You are in your underwear so plan items that do not fear oil.


If you don't want me to run my hands through your hair or face, that's also possible.


If you can remove all your jewelry before the session, it saves us time and prevents you from forgetting them after your session!


In any case, winter or summer, I cover you with a sarong.


The room is heated to a minimum of 24° and there is a heated mattress in winter as well.


If you wish to be massaged dressed, bring comfortable clothing made of natural fibers (preferably not nylon).

I don't like being massaged on the table, what do you offer me?

I can also massage you on the ground on a suitable mat.


Moreover, if you don't like the headrest (device that allows you to put your head when you're on your stomach so as not to have your neck twisted), that's not a problem for me, we adapt your position with a cushion, or nothing at all for those who prefer!  


Finally, I also offer massages seated on an ergonomic chair.

With my friend we would like to have a massage one after the other, is this possible?

Yes it is possible, considering that I need about 10 minutes between you two.

I didn't like a massage I've had elsewhere, do you think this will work for me?

Beyond the massage techniques that differ from one practitioner to another, the feeling can be completely different with another person or at another time.


You can of course try again with me if you think it can benefit you.

Are you realigning chakras or energies?

Particularly  at the end of the massages, I pass my hands in such a way that you can feel that something at the "subtle" level is unfolding.


However, I have no particular intention in this direction and if I too feel things, there is no particular work done, just intuitions, feelings.


Intense heat, the feeling that I am always present on some part of your body is a common occurrence.

I don't like the oil is there any other way?



I can massage with cream or without any product as well.


I can also massage you dressed or wearing a sarong.


The latter is anyway always used to protect your modesty but mine too.


Please note that there is no shower.


I don't like music during massages...?

I use soft music, zen or classical, during the massages, even soft pop music.


Generally it is very weak (myself I do not like to be massaged with invasive music).


But if you don't want it at all, don't hesitate to let me know, that's no problem for me. .

I have never been massaged and am a little afraid what do you offer me?

It depends on your fears.


You can perfectly come as a couple for a duo massage if that reassures you.

I can offer you a short session of 1/2 hour if it allows you to contact me.


You can also opt for a clothed massage if you are afraid of nudity. .

Do you massage like in the video on your site?

Yes and no.


Yes because it's me on the video, and it is possible that the massage I give you is similar.


No, because each massage is unique, it depends on you, on me, when it takes place.

What is the name of the massage you perform?

It's hard for me to answer that in one word.


The simplest is to say that it is an intuitive massage, adapted to your needs, according to my feelings. Which does not mean that I do anything! I was trained to listen to you and mine.


I use various techniques learned during my training, felt during the massages I received, and I watch a lot of videos on the internet to inspire me.

I also train continuously.


My techniques are therefore diverse and inspired by massages from around the world and what my body, in movement, tells me.

Do you have a recognized massage diploma?

There is no recognized diploma in massage-wellness.  There are only training certifications.


The training that I followed is validated by the French Federation of Massages-well-being (FFMBE) and requires 250 hours of training, at least 100 hours of practice, theoretical competence in massage and human anatomy.


I am therefore FFMBE approved.


I also continue to follow à la carte training to enrich my practice and offer you new experiences.



I have acute pain can I have a massage-wellness session?

The massage allows you to relax and therefore to calm the pain, but if you are in crisis, it is better to consult a specialist in the medical profession or an osteopath.


We can also find a massage position that is most comfortable for you. .

I am pregnant, is it good to have a massage?

On the contrary, it is a privileged moment to feel good!


There are just precautions to take: I use a neutral oil and massage you preferably in a lateral position, comfortably installed with pillows and bolsters.


I do not exert pressure in certain places. 

I have cancer can I get a massage?

Of course there is no contraindication.


Even if you are undergoing treatment. This can bring you a sense of well-being that you no longer have during the invasive care that you are undergoing or have undergone.


I take all the necessary precautions for your situation during the session.


I am also involved in an association that offers various support to people suffering from serious pathologies, with benefit. .

Can my child have a massage?

I also receive children, in the presence of the parents according to their age.


I adapt the duration (often ½ hour) and the massage.

I'm a little unwell with a fever, can I come to my session  ?

In case of fever it is better to postpone the session. For you… and for me!  .

I'm ticklish but I'd like to get a massage, how do I do that?

Consider letting me know.

The massage is not prohibitive in these circumstances since in this case I favor pressure on sensitive areas, or even no passage. .

I have to prepare for a sports competition, is it good to have a massage?

If you are in full preparation, or just after your competition, the massage can allow you to recover, relax your engorged muscles, avoid too intense aches. 

If I ask my doctor for a prescription, can this be reimbursed?

Not being a physiotherapist, none of my services can be reimbursed by your health insurance.

Is it reimbursed by mutuals?

To my knowledge no, but you can always ask your mutual.


There are countries where mutuals are more open-minded…

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