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massage assis Avignon et Provence

The well-being of employees is the guarantee of a fulfilled company in which it is good to work!

A relaxing break for both individuals and company employees, the seated massage is easy to set up.


Stress management is a concern for all companies that have the well-being and efficiency of their staff at heart.

The seated massage is an exceptional moment, unique, which will allow everyone to recharge their batteries in a short time and with little means.

The benefits of seated massage


  • A rapid release of tension

  • A recirculation of energies and resourcing

  • A time found for oneself, therefore better able to find others

  • Eventually a limitation of absenteeism and presenteeism, (by increasing well-being within the company)

  • Simply a fun break  !


It should be noted that 1/4 hour of seated massage advantageously replaces an uncomfortable nap at work.


Practical aspects of seated massage in your company


  • It requires little organization: a somewhat quiet space of 3 m2 is sufficient. An ergonomic chair is brought by the practitioner.

  • It is practiced fully clothed, without oil.

  • It can be implemented on the back, arms, legs, neck, skull, depending on the need of the moment

  • It only mobilizes people for a short time  : 15 or 20 mins, or more  ! time is flexible...

  • It can be implemented once or several times a week, between 2 hours and more, depending on the internal organization of the company.

  • It can be integrated into seminars, corporate events, etc.

  • Its cost is €1 per minute or €60 per hour. It can be supported by the Works Council, by the company, by the employee, the different solutions can be mixed.

They trusted me and I thank them for that.

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