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Béatrice Lebrun massage-bien-etre Avignon Rognonas Saint remy de provence

"What guides me most accurately in massage...  


I nourished myself with things that seemed fair and beautiful to me, the beauty of my gesture on the beauty of a body as a whole, as it is, unique, alive, specific to the being who inhabits it, and of each of its parts connected to the whole, of its singularities which make this whole.

It's what I aspire to, what I'm aiming for, which guides me, which carries me.

And I say "thank you" to the one who offers his essence to my hands, my gestures which appreciate taming it, dancing it, playing with it, sometimes dislodging it in unknown entrenchments, making it go through its own self again- skin, to show it possible paths, paths that it sometimes prefers to ignore but nevertheless knew, when it was free to be, to breathe in each fiber, each tissue, each bone, each cell of the dermis which prolongs and protects times its intrinsic vitality.


Each time the words are almost too much. Only tenderness and this dance of life are there in me.

Each moment of massage is a real initiation for me, a journey of life that unfolds, and to each person who comes to see me, I say "thank you" because they guide me through my own path.»


Psychotherapeutic support

IFRDP (2004 - 2006)

  • Two and a half year training in the person-centered approach (Carl Rogers)

DEUG of Psychology

IED Paris 8 (September 2004 - June 2006)

... And in another life I was a computer scientist and gallery owner...

Praticienne agréée FFMBE sur Avignon

Practitioner training in massage-wellness  

IFMBE84 in Carpentras (2012 - 2013)


Korean relaxation training 

IFPR84  in Carpentras (2013)

belly massage training

Biopulse  in Arles (2015)

  • Training focused on belly and torso massage and energy diagnosis


Training in slimming-draining massage

Biopulse  in Arles (2015)

  • Training focused on slimming and draining massage


Lemniscate massage training and polarities

Renato Pappalardo at Vers-Pont-du-Gard (2016)

  • Training focused on lemniscate and polarities

Training in hot clay stone massage

AFSCI  in Rodhilan (2018)

Deep Tissue massage training

Daniel Poirier (2018)

Traditional Thai massage training
Nuad bo rarn

Azenday   in Marseilles (2019)

Training in Thai plantar reflexology

Reliance84 with Pascal Huart  (2020)

Advanced trigger point training

EFCM Montpellier  (2020)

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