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For a unique moment for two!

You want to share your experience with your companion, with a friend, with a member of your family... whatever bond unites you, it will be enriched by this duo massage.


This may be an ideal formula for people who are a little "shy" with massages, who feel more confident with someone they know.

The course of your Duo massage

You are received in the same space, the tables are side by side, the desire for intimacy is respected.

A practitioner in whom I place all my trust is also present for your partner.



Near Avignon and Saint-Rémy de Provence

massage couple avignon saint-remy de provence
massage duo avignon massage duo saint rémy de provence

Rachel & Lawrence


It was a moment of relaxation and pleasure, a real joy. We needed a relaxing massage and we wanted it as a duo. So we took the duo 1 hour massage formula. We'll go back, that's for sure, we just need to find some time, despite their great availability. Thank you and see you soon. »

In order to best respond to your request, it is advisable to call a few days before for a duo massage.

The Duos are made exclusively in my wellness area in Rognonas and cannot be pre-paid online

(payment is made on site on the day of the service)

Duo rates

  • 1 hour • €120

  • 1h30 • 160 €

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