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What type of massage to choose


The massages I offer are intuitive, based on various techniques such as:



They depend on your current needs and we talk about them when you make an appointment or arrive at your session.

Frequency of sessions


Although as a unique moment of relaxation massage is beneficial, it also has a preventive action on all the factors of disruption.


This is why it is better not to wait for these ailments to wake up to take RV for a session, and this at regular intervals.


You can then benefit from advantageous rates 

Course of a session


  • She can last  an hour or more  for a general massage, or to be  shorter if you have less time  and be consecrated  at one or more specific places (example: back, skull, feet).

  • It can be done at  oil  Where  clothed , table massage or floor massage.

  • In all cases I use the draping of a sarong.

Relaxing or more toned, sporty or just for letting go, reharmonizing...
Instantané 1 (17-06-2018 13-55).png
For a serene session...


The sessions are intended for people with no medical contraindication or acute pain, no operation less than 6 months old, no inflammation of the skin or joints, no heart problem, etc.


It is through a preliminary interview that we will validate together your possibility of receiving this massage.

massage femme enceinte Avignon, Saint remy de provence


Key moment in the life of a woman, massages allow to approach the physical and psychic metamorphoses which accompany it in all serenity.


The massage will most often be lateral, comfortably installed using bolsters and pillows.


I use a neutral oil without the addition of essential oils.


The techniques below are presented by way of example and are likely to be used according to your needs during a session.
Other world techniques can also be used if needed.

You can see more full version videos
  by clicking here  


Click on the title to see the details of each technique below.

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