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Excerpt from one of my Korean relaxation sessions, in  my local near Avignon

Korean Relaxation is a very old technique that is currently practiced in some  Korean families as well as in Korean monasteries and some French monasteries, in order to regulate physical and emotional tensions.


By one  alternating stretching, rocking and vibration of each part of the  body  and integration time,  which go from head to toe, the practitioner takes the person into deep relaxation, to the confines of the memories of his entire being.


It produces gentle vibrations that spread through the whole body, reaching all the  tissues: muscles, joints, bones, viscera, up to the marrow and the nervous system.


The body schema is thus gradually constructed.


The wave thus created deeply relaxes the body and the mind.

The effects of a Korean relaxation session
  • facilitate letting go of the whole body and mind, leading to a  deep relaxation, even a release of emotions.

  • release adhesions, release tension around the joints, set body fluids in motion, cell regeneration

  • evacuate toxins, crystals, uric acid 

The session •
In Rognonas or at home around Avignon
  • It is practiced fully clothed, on the ground

  • It is intended for people with no medical contraindication or acute pain, no operation less than 6 months old, no inflammation of the skin or joints, no heart problem, etc. It is through a preliminary interview that we will validate together your possibility of receiving this Korean relaxation.

"After setting the terms of the conditions of relaxation, namely the repositioning of my pelvis if necessary and in the face of my pathology, I experienced a great moment of relaxation.

I left Béatrice to act, to exercise vibrations, bearings, lifting of my limbs, endless stretching from the legs to the shoulders, from the toes to the hair.

Wishing to dissipate my physical pain by vibrations like a pebble that is thrown into the water, I was fulfilled!

A very big thank you to Béatrice for her gentle, serene, mastered, powerful approach.  and depth of his gestures and professional attention. A great moment, a great meeting! »

Relaxation coréenne massage coréen Avignon Saint-Remy Chateaurenard

Excerpt from one of my wave massage sessions, in  my local near Avignon


The Wave Massage is the  the ultimate in letting go of accumulated tension .
It uses techniques of  swingsof oscillations , of  vibrations , as well as Korean relaxation or related techniques such as Trager , Rebalancing massage, joint release , etc...

Tissues can also be used to wrap the person and bring them to relax even more, knowing that direct skin-to-skin contact can sometimes unconsciously induce blockages and resistance.  

The work consists in very gradually feeling the tense, blocked zones, involuntarily or by muscular contractions, at the level of all the joints , the spine and all the zones in junctions of the muscular masses of the body and to take the zone to move from more and more , according to the release of the tension, in "proposal" made to the body and without ever forcing (it would be counter-productive). 

It's a  very powerful technique which can be used either by small touches during the massage , or constitute the majority of the session .  


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